Best Baby Play Fence

Have you ever heard about baby play fence? If not, read this.

Are you looking for Best baby play fence? Well, if yes then, read this.

Emma Watson (not the harry potter one) has a baby who started crawling few months ago and now he crawls around the house. He crawls on everything anything that comes in his path. This situation makes Emma Watson feel nervous. What if her son dangles into an electrical wire? What if he gets hurt?

I know almost every mother and father face the same situation at least once in a life. But it is not possible for any parent to look after his child 24/7, right? Everyone needs his own time.

Everyone needs time for shower, making dinner, or even doing some chores around the house. And it is not possible for anyone to take her/his child with him in shower or bathroom or everywhere he/she go.

On the other hand, your child needs freedom for playing, for being creative and enjoying like there is no tomorrow. If you keep your child with you all the time then it is possible that your baby will grow up with less intelligent. In addition, this can help them to grow up properly, improve skills and most importantly teach them how to enjoy. Then what is the solution?

There comes the baby play fence. A play fence is a kind of furniture you can say. Basically, this provides the baby a safe play yard when you are not aside of your baby. With this you can make an area for your baby to play and focus your own chores such as cooking, bathing or other jobs.

So you need a play fence right? I mean you need the best baby play fence right? But how can you choose the best one, especially if you are not a techie in this field or if you have not used this before? Well, let me help you. Let me tell you some tips or criteria that you should consider during buying the best baby fence play area.


How to choose the best baby play fence

When choosing the best baby play yard you should consider safety as well as comfort first. Also, you need to consider some other features as well. Let’s check out the main features a baby playpen should have.

Safety is always first

You know, safety is always the first and most important concern while choosing anything for your baby. And there is no difference when you are going to buy a playpen as well. Always go for the one that passes the standard safety taste.

To ensure safety I recommend going for the well-known brand. Never go for any china product if you do not know well about the brand, but made in China is quite ok. Also, check the materials that are used to make the play yard.

Make sure there is no sharp edge in the yard or play gate that can make harm to your beloved baby. In addition, if the play fence has legs then make sure the weight limit of the fence. It will help you to understand it is suitable for your toddler or not.

Overall, check each and every possible thing to ensure the safety of the yard or gate or playpen whatever you are going to buy. Remember, you will not forgive yourself ever if your silly mistake makes some big harm to your child.

Portability matters

You will have to remove play yard from one place and have to set it to another place for sure. You will not want your baby play at the same place every time. In addition, maybe you have to leave your house and maybe stay another place for few days. So it is important for a good play fence that it has the portability.

Though most of the baby play fence is portable and some has folded system so that you can easily keep it in your bag when traveling. But if you travel often, then make sure the play fence is sturdy enough to take the load.

Mat quality does matter

Some play yards come with the fitting mat and in some cases you have to buy yourself mat for the fence. The mat quality and style vary from mat to mat. If you want your fence not to shift anywhere, then you should check the mat if it is slip-prevent or not.

Some mat is made with non-slip rubber pad or suction pad that helps to prevent slipping. Though the fence will shift or not depends on the floor type in some cases. On contrary, if you want the fence shifting then you can choose a plain mat as well.

The size has to be big

The size matters actually. If you have enough space for your baby to play then you should go for the play yard that is longer. I am sure you will not want your baby to play in a small case like thing right? Rather, you will want a large enough space for your baby.

One more thing I want to add to the size which is the height. It is important as well while choosing a play fence for the crawler. The height should be at least 60 cm or more depending on the height of your baby. I suggest you to go for the one that has a great height and large size so that you can use it in future.

Convenience is the main key

Convenience is the key. Your baby enjoys his play time and you can enjoy your work with no worry only if the play yard or fence works as expected.

To ensure that, you should check each and every part. Check the fence will need large space or not. Also check that the fence can be folded and keep in a small space or not. Is it easy to transport? Does it fit at your home? Does it have wheels and roll smoothly?

Or how easy it is to assemble? How easy it is to clean up? Ask those question to yourself and you will find out how much convenience you are going to get from the fence.

Light and song for the extra enjoyment

Some play yard has the light system to make the play yard more enjoyable to your baby. In addition, some has the sound system as well. With this you can play whatever song you want your baby hears to enjoy the time. But these systems usually need batteries to run. So think about the expense. Are you able to carry the expense?

Style- To make the place beautiful

Nowadays, there are a lot of design and style available. You can choose the fence style that can match to the other furniture of your home or you can choose totally cartoon drawing play yard if you want. In addition, some play fences have wooden frame. So if you want a traditional style then you can choose the wooden frame as well. Moreover, modern and latest design are also available.

Warranty is a big fact

In general, the shops offer a 5 days return policy. But the product has to be untouched in order to be replaced. That is not fair right? I mean if you find out some defects after opening the box what will you do? That is why search for the fence that provide the best warranty.

Price should be moderate but the quality is the priority

The price is the most important thing while buying anything. Many people think that going for the expensive one is the best option but let me tell you that if you are one of those people then you are wrong. High piece does not mean high quality.

Rather, go for the high quality. Maybe you can find the best quality in moderate price. And one more thing, do not go for the cheap one. You may find a lot of defects after buying the fence. And we are talking about your baby’s care. So, a cheaper one can harm your baby anyway.

These are the main thing you should consider while buying the best baby play fence. If you check those things before buying then I hope you can pick up the best one for sure.

But if you ask me to suggest you some product that can match the features I have mentioned above best, then I will suggest some amazing products that you can buy from Amazon. I will try to provide a short review as well as product description and the good and bad of the products. So without further talk, let’s get started.

Best baby play fences

SUPERJARE Baby Play Mat with the fence

If you are looking for a big play mat with the fence then I can suggest you this one. This is a big playground for your child. And along with the large size, the mat has the fence as well that keep all the toys inside of the mat. As a result, it helps to keep your house clean.

But the best thing that I like most is its design since I love aesthetic. Actually, who doesn’t? Where most of the mat or fence or gates in the list are designed only for the baby, this one is designed for your house. Confusing?

Well, most of the mats consist of common color with splendor design that attracts baby and sparks their interest. But those looks awkward with the other furniture you have in your house. This fence is designed in such a way that it will, of course, attract the baby’s attention for sure; it will match with your furniture as well and enhance the beauty of your room.

In addition, the shape, as well as simple aesthetic design, will help to improve the baby’s imagination, visual as well as hand-eye coordination. What do you think? Isn’t it a better place for learning along with playing?

If I talk about the safety then I have to say that it is safer. The mat is so soft to use and the ingredients of the mat are toxic free, lead-free, chrome-free, BPA-free and also phthalates-free. So safety is guaranteed for all ages.

Overall, what things do you need more? Good look, safe and a large space. Well, I think cleaning can be a matter of fact since the baby makes the place dirty often and very quickly. The good news is that it is very easy to clean up. You just need to wipe the surface. That’s it.

The things that I think good

  • Aesthetic look
  • Safe
  • Toxic-free
  • check
  • check
    Very easy to clean up

The thing I think not good

  • Not strong enough
  • Does not ship internationally

Meiqicool thick Baby Play Mat with the fence

Tell me one thing. What if you find a colorful mat with a fence that attracts the baby and spark his interest as well and at the same time offer safety? Well, there is nothing to think about but picking this up, right?

Meiqicool thick Baby Play Mat with fence offers you both the safety and attractive look. The mat comes with puzzle pieces that can pop up. This will help your child to develop his imagination power as well as it improves his hand-eye coordination. And most importantly this will keep your child inside of the mat.

When it comes to safety, the mat has passed the US CSPIA test. In addition, the mat is BPA-free, Phthalates-free, Lead-free, and formaldehyde free. So you do not have to worry about the construction safety.

Additionally, the mat is soft and has no edge. It offers the baby best comfort as well as safety. The additional thickness saves your baby from all kinds of little bumps associated related to learn to crawl, sit, and walk. And the good thing is that you can join 2-3 mats together to make it bigger when your baby grows up a little bit.

Also, there is a fence around the mat that will prevent all the toys to come outside the mat and make your room dirty. And the good thing is that the mat is waterproof and you can clean it very easily. You just need to wipe it with a cloth.

Overall, I find this one very much handy to keep your baby playing inside the mat and also it offers enough safety.

The good about the product

  • Pop up puzzle
  • Colorful mat
  • Extra safety
  • check
  • check
    Very easy to clean up
  • check

The bad about the product

  • Relatively small size
  • The pieces fall out easily

Meiqicool 9 pieces Baby Play Mat with the fence

When I was looking for an attractive as well as a safe play yard for baby, this one attracted me. Why? Let me tell you.

When you look at the picture, the eye-catching mat’s tiles that feature a lot of primary colors, pictures and shapes will grab your attention for sure. And I can assure you that your baby will like it for this feature.

Additionally, it will spark the interest of your baby as well. And the best part is that it will help to improve your baby’s imagination and hand-eye coordination.

Now let’s check out the safety feature because of we all emphasis on safety. When it comes to safety, the mat is PA Free, Lead-Free and Phthalate Free. The meiqicool Mat is built from soft, durable, and safe foam. That is why it is soft but at the same time, it is durable as well. The best part is that it is Non-Toxic and it meets Europe and US regulated safety standards for toys.

So overall, I think this could be a great option not only for playing but also for flood protection or yoga as well. And that is why I have put this one in the list of best baby play fence.

The thing I like most

  • Puzzle picture
  • Color combination
  • Thick but soft as well as durable foam
  • check
    Big size
  • check
  • check
    Safety features
  • check
  • check
    Comes with cushion for extra comfort

The things need to improve

  • Availability is less
  • Too thick

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate baby play fence

Now let’s talk about something different. Until now, we have talked about the mat only. Now let’s talk about the gate.

The first gate of my list is Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate. As the name implies, you can Shut the gate firmly with a simple push, it allows you to keep the baby protected at all the times. This is ideal for any busy parents as well as caregivers; this easy-to-install metal gate provides a wide, convenient door as well as a slim, elegant design that best suits your room's modern decor.

In addition, the double-locking method and the optional extra third lock offer additional peace of mind at all the times. There are several extension systems that allow you to fit this strong steel gate anywhere in the house of yours.

The gate features a double lock system. I like it the most. Why? It makes it impossible for a baby to open the gate but very easy for an adult. It will help you to keep your baby stay inside the room. And with this, you can easily go outside to spend some time.

But with these gates, convenience is the key. If I talk about convenience, the gate is super easy to close and open for an adult. Even if you have your baby in one hand and stuff in another hand, you can also open or close the door. In addition, the gate swings both the side that makes it super adjustable in any place.

Aesthetic look, stylish design and super durability make it a super gate for keeping baby inside.

The good about the product

  • Aesthetic look
  • Very convenient to use
  • Extra lock security
  • check
    Reputable brand   
  • check

The things need to improve

  • The finishing quality is not that good
  • Construction quality needs to improve

Regalo Extra Tall Gate

What are you thinking after reading the name of the gate? Yes, you are thinking the right thing. The gate is extra tall as the name implies. This one is perfect for those children whose age are 6-36 months.

The gate is made of wood and steel. This makes the gate durable and strong. In addition, the safety lock makes the gate more secure. And the best part is that it has passed the entire safety standard test as well. You can easily keep your baby as well as your pet inside the room or house with this.

Maybe you are thinking that the gate will not suit your door, gate or hallway. But the gate is designed in such a way that it looks awesome in any place. And it needs no extra effort to install. Even no tools are required as well. The best part is that when you do not need the gate you can easily fold this and keep it your storage room or anywhere you want very easily since it does not need large space after folding.

Overall, I am not saying this one is the best on the list, but I can say this one you can use long term. And its extra safety makes you feel relax when you are not at home.

The things I like most about the gate

  • Extra Tall
  • Safety standard
  • Good finishing
  • check
    Good materials
  • check
    Easy to storage

The things need to improve

  • Not strong enough

Regale Easy Open Super Wide gate

Unlike the previous one of the best baby play fence list, this one is sturdy enough. And those who want a wide gate can easily pick this one up.

The whole body of the gate is made of steel and thus it is so sturdy and durable that makes you reliable when you are not at reach to your child. And the good news is that it is certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) as well as it is PVC free. In addition, the gate also passed the ASTM (American society of testing materials) that means you do not have to worry about its durability and security.

For additional security, it has wall cup. Don’t worry about the convenience as well since it has high security. The gate is convenient enough to use. The adults need to simply pull the gate back and that’s it. It has a one-touch release as well. And the best part is that it is super easy to install, you do not need anyone or any tools to install it.

You know, as we mentioned above, the warranty is something that provides use extra security about the products. This wide gate company provides 90 days warranty.

That means the product is convenient, secure and safe. What else do we need, right? We can use the gate in a hallway, doorway, and any extra wide or large openings.

The good about the gate

  • Super wide
  • Easy to install
  • Safe enough
  • check
    Extra security
  • check
    Strong as well as durable
  • check
    Comes with manual
  • check

The things need to improve

  • Not stylish enough

Skroutz Regalo white gate

Since the last gate of this list was not enough good looking, I thought that let’s bring a stylish as well as sturdy one. Then I found this one. Skroutz Regalo white gate is dashing color and it is so stylish that you will love it for sure.

The good thing about the gate is that it is not only good looking but also it is convenient. You can easily install it where ever you want such as doorways, top of the stairs or staircases as well. And don’t worry about its removing. That is so easy too.

When we are talking about convenience let me tell you more. You can fit the gate in any space between 29 inches to 40 inches. Don’t know how to do that? Well, the gate comes with a user manual where you find everything you need to install, remove or fit the gate.

The gate features one-touch release that makes it easy to wealth through the gate and it adds extra convenient. And if we talk about the safety then you will have no tension. it is certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) as well as it is PVC free. In addition, the gate also passed the ASTM (American society of testing materials) that means you do not have to worry about its durability and security.

Overall, the gate is good looking, convenient, strong, durable and most importantly safe as well as secure. So there is no reason that makes you feel hesitate.

The good about the gate

  • Good look
  • Easy to install
  • Certified from the different safety standard
  • check
  • check
    Easy to use I mean convenient

The things need to improve

  • The lock system is not good enough

Dreambaby Dawson Auto-Close Security Gate   

This one is unique and has some extra features that no one on the list has. Let’s check out. The Dreambaby Dawson Auto-Close Security Gate is designed in such a way that keeps your child away from any kind of danger. It has a double lock system that ensures you that your baby can not unlock the gate.

But don’t worry. This double lock system will not bother you anyway; you can easily open in even in one hand. And the unique thing is that it has a smart stay-open option by which you can keep the door completely open while you are carrying something.

Like other gates, this one has a flexible option that enables the gate to be fit in any door between 28 inches to 39 inches. And if this much is not enough for you then you can add an additional part to make it larger. You can use it doorways, hallways and upstairs as well.

When it comes to safety, the gate has passed all the necessary safety taste that makes you feel relax. Overall, I find this gate handy and unique. 

The things I like

  • Always open mode
  • Flexible placement
  • Large opening
  • check
    JPMA certified that means safe enough
  • check
    Secure as well with double lock method

The things need to improve

  • There is no extension

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

If you find all the gate of the list not enough wide, then I can suggest you this one. This is 60 inches wide. Other than that it has an extra opening feature by which you can enhance the wide of it from 60 inches to 72 inches I mean almost 1 foot.

The gate is sturdy enough because of its strong materials which make the gate extra durable that keep your child inside the room. And its one hand open facility allows the adults to go through the gate easily from room to room.

The best thing about the gate that I haven’t found in any gates yet is that it has a soft scratch protection on the bottom of the gate. What it does is that it protects your floor from any kind of scratch that can happen by the gate.

Overall, I find this one special with its strong metal and stylish design.

The things I like about the gate

  • Its design
  • One handed open option
  • Soft scratch guard
  • check
    Extra wide doorways
  • check
    Can be extended
  • check
    Good height
  • check

The things should be improved

  • The lock system
  • Very poor opening and closing

Munchkin loft aluminum baby gate

The problem with these kinds of gates is that it does not match with the look of the house. But this Munchkin loft aluminum baby gate matches with your house so much that it itself increase the aesthetic look of your house or room.

The best part of the gate is that you can easily install it in any irregular wall. And you can easily remove it from the wall as well without any tools.  In addition, the gate is super hardy because of its alloy frame. But despite the strong materials, the gate can be shut in a simple push.

The gate can be fit in any place or door of your house. The gate can be fit in any door between 26 inches to 40 inches. That means you can use it in your kitchen door or any other doorways as well.

The thing I find most attractive is its warranty. It offers a limited time 1-year warranty. So you can be relaxed in that one year. And the company that offers 1-year warranty must provide you best quality for sure.

Overall, this one is the best one in this list of best baby play fence. Its amazing look, excellent finishing, strong materials, strong security, safety make it the best.

The good thing about the product

  • Good looking
  • Suitable for any door
  • Safe
  • check
    Strong enough
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Easy to install and remove

The bad thing

  • I haven’t found any

KIDCO auto close configure gate

This one is the last one on our list. But don’t think it is the worst gate of the list. Let me tell you the feature it has.

It will remain open until you push it back. Have you found this feature in any of the gates in the list? It allows you to come and go often. But the door is quick release. What I understand is that you need a simple push in order to close it.

The gate is strong enough and at the same time, it offers you an aesthetic look. It has a magnet lock technology that allows the two-way door close automatically. What is the benefit of this? Well, if you forget to close the door anytime then it is possible that your baby will come out and anything can happen to your baby.

This magnet technology closes the two-way door all the time when you open the door. Isn’t it awesome?

And you can add an unlimited extension with the main gate. That means no matter how large your door is or how large space you want to cover, you can do that with this KIDCO auto close configure gate for sure.

The things I like most

  • Magnet technology
  • Unlimited addition
  • Aesthetic look
  • check
    Quick release door
  • check
    Easy to install

The things need to improve

  • Some claim it comes with a defect

Well, these are my suggestion actually. I don’t know any of these you will like or not but I can assure you that if you are not happy with the product you can return it. Now the choice is yours. Now let’s talk about some safety tips for your child while using the baby play fence.

Benefits of using Best baby play fence

There are a lot of benefits using the play yard. It helps your child to improve his skill and develop his intelligence as well. Additionally, there are some other benefits including.

It offers Safety

Let’s go back to the first story of the article. The son of Emma Watson crawls everywhere in the house. And it is very much possible that he pulls a stand and unfortunately loses his grip. What will happen? His head will be hit by the floor. That will be really painful.

Moreover, think about the other situation. You are in the bathroom for a shower and your baby start crawling and go to the kitchen or outside the house? There will be a chance of getting hurt by anything. I am sure you will not want that.

Baby play fence provides the security and safety for your child. It offers a safe play yard for your child and prevents him to go outside the area.

It also offers freedom

Many parent’s dreams are to give the freedom to their child so that they can enjoy their own time. It helps them to improve their skills as well as intelligence. Also, when you provide a large place for your child to play without any direct involvement of yours, your child can enjoy the time with toys.

Your baby can play on a rainy day

When the weather is not in your favor to go outside with your baby, you can provide your baby a safe as well as a good place to play. What you need to do is give your child a few toys. Then you can take rest or enjoy the rain.

It saves a lot of money of yours

You do not have to buy a lot of toys to keep your child in a place; instead, a baby play fence can keep your baby in a place. Simply buy a play yard and keep your baby stay in a place.

You will Get enough time to do other jobs

The best thing about the fence is that you can get enough time for you to make dinner or go to the bathroom, or for cooking. Or you can also get enough time to go the market and buy some stuff.

Now let’s check out some FAQ about the best baby play fence.

FAQ about Best baby play fence

Is it important to buy play fence?

Well, it depends on how much care do you do and how concern you are about your baby’s safety. As I mentioned before that this for those parents who want to give their child freedom and let them enjoy their own time.

In addition, it is for those parents who want to improve their baby’s skill as well as develop their brain. So if you are one of those parents then I will say play fence is obviously necessary for you I mean your child.

Also, if your baby crawls all around the house then you should also take this. The reason is that it is possible your baby crawls and he gets into a trouble anytime. So, what do you think? Isn’t it important?

Can I use it outside?

Of course, you do.

My child starts crying if he does not see me, is there any solution?

Nice question. It is very common that children, in general, do not want their mom to leave them. That is where play fence work. Play fences are transparent and you will be in their sight and also do your job.

Will it stand if my baby pulls himself up with this?

Actually, most of the play yards have a safety feature that ensures the safety while your baby pulls himself up. So yes, it stands.

My final suggestion

Baby play fence is an excellent thing you can offer to your child. It allows the baby to enjoy his own time. It enhances his power of imagination, develops his skills and develops eye-hand coordination. It also teaches the baby how to enjoy “my time”.

In addition, you need your own time to some stuff for sure. Baby play yard combined both of your need. And, when you will buy the play yard, you do not need to be confused. I have provided a complete guideline on how to buy and what to buy the best baby play fence.

From the list, you can pick any of the mat or gate or both of these. If you feel that any of the mats or gates will make your parenting better, you should not wait anymore. Go to the top and pick one. I am sure you and your baby will enjoy your time individually. Don’t forget to thank me then. Wish you and your child all the best.

Jose Crowell

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