Best Pet Fence

Pet fence is a great way to keep your pet in your desired specific area safely. It offers you a secure, reliable and safe way to keep your beloved pet out of any kind of harm.  The same time, it allows your dog to remain free in a specific area so that they can explore as well as satisfy their curiosity and get enough exercise they need.

Current now, you will find several types of pet fences such as general fences, portable fences, in-ground fences, electric fence and many others. Depending on the use, you can select whatever fence you need. Some claim that the best pet fence is wireless shock collar fence where some claim it is not the best option.

And like you, many pet owners care about their pet safety. They also think that how secure is their backyard fence. Because if there is any problem in the fence, your pet might run away and can face some serious trouble. A good pet fence can solve this problem and also it can protect your pet from being stolen. As a result, everyone wants to get a good pet fence.

But with these so many types of fences, what should you select? Or what fences would be perfect for your pets and fulfill your needs? Well, below, I am going to mention some best pet fences that are currently ruling the market.

This AsyPets Advanced High-Performance Electronic Dog Fence is a safe, reliable and secure containment system for your dog. This system generates an adjustable boundary in order to contain in a certain area or keep your dog away from a certain area.

When your dog approaches the boundary, a harmless easy-taken radio signal will be delivered. And the fence provides a small shock to your dog if your dog comes close to the fence. And the good thing is, the intensity of the shock will increase as he comes closer and continue to move on.

The best thing about the fence is that it has a rechargeable collar. In addition, the collar is waterproof. That means you do not have to worry about the water damage issue. You know, many times, the dog plays in the water. Again, you are getting the opportunity to add as many collars as you want. That means you can use the fence for multiple dogs.

It comes with variable width as well as adjustable field controlling. The 200m wire will allow you to create a large boundary. And also, you can perfectly control the width of fence signal field and at the same time control the shape of the fence boundary as you want.

The best thing that I like most is its guaranty option. It offers 1-year guaranty as well as lifetime after sale service. Can you imagine? It makes you feel free to use the product because you know if anything happens to the fence you will get the solution immediately.

One most important thing I almost forget to mention which is its visual and audible indicator. If by any chance, your fence gets broken a flashlight will be light up and a sonic alarm will loudly sound. It relieves your tension about the fence that maybe my fence gets broken or it is not working due to damages.

When you buy the fence you will get Indoor transmitter that is wall-mounted, waterproof and Rechargeable Collar receiver; AC Adaptor, Power plug; Adjustable Collar, some extra contact points made of metal, USB cable for charging, and lastly a user’s manual. Isn’t it cool?

So if you love your dog, and want to protect, then you should go for it for sure.

The good about the fence

  • Rechargeable.
  • Water resistance.
  • 200m wire.
  • check
    1-year warranty.
  • check
    Visual and audible fence break indicator.
  • check
    Multiple collars.
  • check
    Easy to install.
  • check

The thing I don’t like

  • Only 200m Coil.

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

If you do not want any trouble setting up the wire fence then you can go for wireless fence. And when it comes to wireless pet fence, I would like to introduce you to PetSafe Wireless Fence. Maybe you have heard about the brand ‘PetSafe’. This wireless fence allows you to train your dog to remain in your area.

The good thing about this wireless fence is that it has no wire to bury. It has a transmitter that you need to keep in your home, and the transmitter sends a radio signal that creates an invisible circular boundary around your house. You will get a collar that contains a receiver; you need to put that collar in your dog’s neck. Your dog is free to go anywhere they want in the invisible circle. But when he tries to go outside the circle, he will receive a shock that forbids him to go outside the area.

The PetSafe Wireless Fence comes with 50 training flags that will help you to train your dog. In addition, the transmitter covers up to 0.75-acre area. And the good thing is, it is portable. So wherever you go, you can take this with your dog to keep your dog in a certain area.

Moreover, the fence comes with a charger by which you can charge the collar within 2-3 hours. It saves your money to buy batteries time after time. And you need to charge it once in a week or once in two weeks. Another important thing is that is has a test light by which you can check your collar is working or not working. Isn’t it good?

And last but not last thing I want to mention is its shock correction level. The fence comes with 5 correction levels. That means if you think that your dog is lovely and you do not want to hurt him a little then you can pick the moderate level of shocks. Or if you think your dog is rough then you can go for top-level shock. It will help you a lot to train your dog.

Overall, I must say, this fence is awesome for train and keeps your dog in a certain area which makes us enroll this one in our best pet fence list.

The good about the product

  • Wireless.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with 50 training flags.
  • check
  • check
    Test light tools.
  • check
    The collar is rechargeable.

The thing needs to improve

  • Does not work well in a metal roof.
  • ​Little bit expensive

Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation Electric Dog Fence

When you are searching for an electric dog fence that can cover a large area, Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation Electric Dog Fence can be your fence. The ‘Extreme Dog Fence’ is a reputable dog fence brand that has been doing their business for 25 years. They provide a high-quality product.

The fence has so many features that it is tough for me to write and tough for you to read as well. This amazing fence covers up to 25 acres of land. This 2nd generation updated electric fence is compatible with any new collars and it comes with 12 batteries check as well as 3 antennas.

Since you will it in a large area, it is very common to have a pool in that arena. But the collar is waterproof. Yes, this is waterproof, unlike other collars that say they are water resistant. Your dog can play or swim in the pool and the good thing is you can submerge it around 100 feet deep and there will be no damage to the functionality of the collar.

The unique thing about this Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation Electric Dog Fence is its transmitter. Unlike other transmitters that do not work in cold weather, this transmitter works perfectly in any condition. In addition, you can control the radio frequency so that you can avoid interference of any of your neighbor’s dog fences.

The fence comes with Standard amazing Fence Kits such as 20 Gauge High extensible Boundary Wire along with Heavily Protective Jacket, Collar Receiver with Battery, Digital Transmitter, some Training Flags as well as Splice Kits.

When it comes to warranty the company offers a 1-year warranty for your electronics and at the same time 2 years warranty for the wire of fence. The company assures you that this fence will keep your dog in your desired area and will work perfectly.

When it comes to quality, I have already mentioned that they are doing their business for 25 years with the reputation for their quality and performance. But now, I am telling you one more thing. The whole tools of the fence are made in the USA. And the best thing is they offer 24 hours customer service.

I don’t want to write any more about this. Just want to say that, if you need any fence that can cover a large area then you should go for this best pet fence. Do not take any wrong decision.

The good features

  • Cover large area.
  • Waterproof.
  • Works perfectly in cold weather.
  • check
    Digital Rich transmitter.
  • check
    Made in USA.
  • check
    1 and 2 years warranty.
  • check
    24 hours customer service.

The things need to improve

  • I haven’t found any but some people ask for the training manual.

Extreme Dog Fence In-ground Fence For Dogs And Puppies

Hello! Check the brand name. Yes. You have seen right. This one is another Extreme Dog Fence product. If you do not choose the previous one thinking that you do not need that large one then you can pick this one. The fence comes with 6 acres coverage along with 14 gauge wire for the boundary. But you can extend it up to 10 acres.

The best thing about the fence is that it is simple to install where the previous one of our best pet fence list is little bit trouble to install. You do not have to hire any install company to install your pet fence. You can bury it yourself easily. You can bury it 1-18 inches deep if you want. Or if you want you can bury it deeper so that mower can’t catch this and make any harm to your fence.

Unlike any other fences, this fence comes with an adjustable collar. Which that means is that you can adjust the correction and use it for your any pet. It could be a small puppy or a big dog. The collar will fit any neck up to 2 inches.

Like the previous one of the brand, it features a high-quality rich transmitter that works well in cold weather. Also, it supplies a good stable signal even if the power is spotty. So you can use it where most of the fences are unable to work. Also, this fence is waterproof. And it is actually waterproof, unlike other fences’ collars that are water resistant. Again, in order to help you train your dog, the fence features 250 training flags.

When you are buying a fence from the band ‘Extreme Dog Fence’, then you can be sure that it is made in America. That means it ensures quality. And as I mentioned earlier, this band has been manufacturing the products with the great reputation for 25 years. And it comes with Digital Transmitter with10 Acres of Capacity, Contact Points, Comfort Covers for contact, Training Caps for contact, Professional Splice set, Collar Receiver Battery, and Yard /Landscape Staples that all are made in America. Now, you decide. Is this one perfect for you?

The good features

  • Suitable for different types of pet.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rich transmitter.
  • check
  • check
    Training flags.

The thing can improve

  • Cover area is relatively small.
  • Need additional battery.

Internet's Best Traditional Dog Gate

Ok. I believe that you have already chosen your fence for your pet. Now let me introduce you some pet gate that will be suitable for your fence and also enhance the beauty of your home.

This Internet's Best Traditional Dog Gate is a great option for you to confine the pet of yours. But don’t worry about the look of your home. It offers a handsome as well as decorative look for your home. This amazing gate is designed with four individual panels that are secured together along with sturdy hinges that allow it to fold out into a good looking Z-shape aspect. Once you fold out the gate into the wide good looking Z-shape, it is free standing and you can use it in front of entryways, doorways, staircases, bedrooms, and halls.

One thing maybe come to your head that when you are not at home, will the gate be able I mean strong enough to confine my pets? Well, the gate is made from a strong solid-wood and it is sealed with a high-quality rich espresso finish that keeps your puppy, dog, or any other pets confined securely while you are not at home.

And the best thing that I like most is that when you do not use the pet gate you can fold it down to 3” so that you can easily store it in a slim or narrow area. I am pretty much sure that you will love the decorative look of your home and same time keep your own beloved pet confined.

The good features of the gate

  • Good looking.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.
  • check
    Easy to fold and store.

The bad thing about the gate

  • Expensive.
  • Low height.
  • Weak hinges.

Majestic Pet Universal Free Standing Pet Gate

If you are searching for a simple but effective pet gate for your beloved pet then I will recommend Majestic Pet Universal Free Standing Pet Gate. This will confine your pet safely and at the same time keep your house elegant as well.

The gate is durable and made with solid-wood as well as triple hinge making. The double joints hinges offer you to configure the gate in either z shape or c shape. The good thing about the gate is that you do not need to assemble it, it is ready to use always.

This 36 inches high-quality gate is perfect for either cat or dog. And the gate works smoothly. As I previously mentioned, it has classic and attractive design and it will look cheap beside your wood furniture and floor.

Don’t want to write too much about this beautiful and durable pet gate. What can I say is if you want to keep your pet confined even when you are not at home and do not want to make your home look awkward, you can go for this one.

Good features

  • Amazing design.
  • Can fold either c shape or z shape.
  • Durable.
  • check
    Suitable for various pets.
  • check
    Good height.

The things need to improve

  • Not so strong to keep the large dog confined.
  • Some claim, it arrives damaged.

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door With Telescoping Tunnel

Well, if you do not like any gate attached to your door, I have a good thing for you. PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel. Yes, it is a tunnel for your pet. And check the brand name. PetSafe. This is an American based pet containment, behaviors, and lifestyle product producer that has been manufacturing their product since 1991. It is a good reputable company that provides a high-quality product and helps millions of people as well as pets every year.

The tunnel is strong and durable that is made with the quality aluminum frame. This durable and strong plastic telescoping tunnel allows you to fit the tunnel in any width wall from 4.75 in. to 7.25 in. You might think that if you add a tunnel and keep it close how does the ventilation system work? But don’t worry. It is designed in a double-flap mode that keeps the ventilation system on and it features a side-in-closing panel that offers more ventilation.

The good thing about the tunnel is it is very simple and easy to install. You can easily install it on your wall by yourself. How to do that? Well, the company has a YouTube channel where they provide details video tutorial about installing the tunnel.

Unlike most of the tunnels or doors that can only set up in either exterior or interior side, this PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel allows to set this up to your interior or exterior walls. There are very few doors right now in the market that offer such options.

Finally, you don’t know when your pet goes outside or come in. So it is not possible to keep the door open all time and it is not also possible to keep your pet home all the time. And sometimes it is also impossible to add an extra pet gate to the door and sometimes it looks really awkward when you add an additional gate to your main door. So this tunnel is the best option for you and that is why I put this in the best pet fence list so that it helps you a bit.

The good thing about the product

  • Durable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good ventilation option.
  • check
    Suitable for up to 100lbd pet.
  • check
    Alloy frame.

The bad things

  • I haven’t found any.

One for Pets Fabric Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel / Shelter

Ok. I hope you have selected the gate or tunnel as well. Now let’s check out some portable shelter for your pet that can protect your dog while traveling.

The first product in this series is One for Pets Fabric Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel / Shelter. One for Pets is Canadian company that produces pet travel product. They promise to deliver good quality products to the pet owners and also concern about the product impact on the earth.

This soft-sided Pet Kennel / Shelter is designed in such a way that it can be used to use as an outdoor as well as an indoor cat kennel, dog kennel, or a show shelter. It has built-in straps which allow the safe connection to the seatbelt, and the good thing is it is easy and simple to set up and you can fold flat in a second. In addition, everyone is concerned about the after use dust of the cover. But don't panic! The pad cover is easily removable and simple to wash. So, no more worry about the after use dirt.

The Kennel / Shelter features two entrances. That means your pet can enter the shelter by any entrance she wants. Also, it has interior hooks so that you can hang the hammock. You will be glad to hear that, the Kennel comes with a good-looking individual carrying case so that you can store it easily.

The best thing I found in this Kennel is the ways of its use. You can use it in multiple ways. It will allow you to keep two pets in one shelter. And also you can customize the inside place so that you can create a good space for a large pet and small pet simultaneously.

Overall, I find out this one impressive. As a result, I put this too in this best pet fence list thinking that it might help you. The shelter is lightweight, easy to use and it contains the doors of zipper meshed at either both side or one side. So if you need anything like this, you can go for it for sure and without hesitation.

The good about the product

  • Lightweight so easy to carry.
  • Amazing design.
  • Durable.
  • check
    Easily washable and removable.
  • check
    Easy to fold and set up.
  • check
    Multiple ways to use.
  • check
    Can use indoor as well as outdoor.
  • check
    Plenty space.

The things need to improve

  • No instruction.
  • Some claim that their pet escaped.

Go Pet Club Travel Pet Crate

This is another pet Crate that is lightweight and easy to carry. This offers protection anywhere you go. Whenever and wherever you go, you always want to take your pet with you because you love him/her so much and you don’t want to keep your pet along at your home. This Go Pet Club Travel Pet Crate can help you fulfill your demand.

The thing I like most about the shelter is that it is water resistance. That means in simple rain or small splash cause no harm to your pet. Also, the shelter is made of heavy-duty polyester along with the PVC backing which shows us that it is durable and strong enough.

The screen mesh gate provides a secure and safe confinement with adjustable ventilation from all of the four sides. As a result, you can use it indoor and outdoor. This is a perfect companion for the pet owner as well as pets.

The interesting thing is when it is folded; it takes 93% less space and at the same time 44% less weight. Can you imagine? In addition, you can fold it less than 2 inches thick. Which that means is you can store it anywhere you want in the room or can carry it easily.

Overall, I think this one is much better than other shelters you will find on the market.  It comes with windows along with a roll-down cover on all of the 3 sides. Additionally, it has removable lamb’s wool stage pad for adding more comfort to your pet. So you can go for it without hesitation.

The good features

  • Good look.
  • Can use both indoor and outdoor.
  • Water resistance.
  • check
    Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • check
    Easy to store.
  • check
    Lamb’s wool stage pad for comfort.

The things need to improve

  • Not sturdy enough.
  • Not suitable for large pet.

Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate

This is the last product of our list, and I think that let’s end the list with a dog gate. This Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate is so much durable because of its wooden construction. And this is sturdy enough to confine your furry friends.

The gate can be arranged in any shape. Its flexible connection makes this thing possible. And if you want you can add some additional extension as well. The Interconnecting Panels form the Gate in order To Block Off the Selected Areas of the Home, Or to Connect Together As confined Pen. And for additional balance, it has two extra feet that support freestanding even if your pet tries to knock it repeatedly.

The unique thing about the gate is that it has a hinged door. It allows adults to unlatch the door and go outside or inside and at the keep the pet inside the gate. It will help you as well as your small child to get out of the home easily without any problem.

The thing I like here is its cleaning process. You can easily clean it with a soft cloth or you can clean it mild detergent. And also it comes with the user guide so that you can easily understand how to use the gate properly.

Overall, it is good looking and durable gate that has the ability to keep your pet confined no matter how big your pet is. And also it has the option for the human to come in and out easily and keep your pet confined. So if you need a strong and durable gate that will enhance the beauty of your home and help you to protect your dog.

The good thing about the product

  • Made of quality wood.
  • Hinged door.
  • Additional balance support.
  • check
  • check
    Multiple configurations.

The things need to improve

  • The gate does not long last, claim by the user.

These are the best pet fence, shelter, and gates I have found. Hope, you will get your one now. But if you are still confused about choosing the right one for you then let me tell you some ways that will help you to select the right one for you.

Things To Consider Before BuyingThe Best Pet Fence

Pet Size

The pet size is important to get the right fence. Let me explain you it in details. For example, you have a small dog. And you set up the wooden fence or wooden gate that has a large gap between the sticks. What will happen? Your dog will definitely escape, right? And there is a chance that your pet will fall in danger outside the area. And it is also possible that your pet tries to escape but unfortunately get stuck and become injured. In that case, you need a wireless fence or electric fence so that you can keep your pet confined in your area without getting harmed. On the other hand, if you have a larger pet that can handle the shock of the wireless fence then you should either go for electric wire fence or strong and durable wood fence.

Pet Skill

You know, every pet has its own skill. For example, the cat has climbing skills. You cannot keep your cat confined with the pet gate. They will climb up and escape. You need a wireless or electric fence and collar to keep the cat confined. On the other hand, the dog has some skills to open the gate. So if you have a normal gate then they will escape easily. Here you need a strong and durable fence. Or you need a wireless or electric wire fence.

Existing Fence

Sometimes, it happens that you have been already using a fence for your dog or cat or any other pets. But with time, those pets learn to escape from the fence. Especially, it is very tough to find out the right fence for the cat that climbs often or the dog that dig or open fence often. You cannot change their habits for sure, but what you can do is to change the fence type. For example, your dog often escapes from your house through the wooden gate by opening the gate door. If you change the fence into the electric fence, he will never get a chance to do that.


You know, some dogs often bite anything they get. And there is an exception with your wood fence or wood gate. Your dog will bite the wood and damage the fence. To prevent them doing that and save your money you should use alloy or vinyl fence.

Size Of The Area

This is the most important thing to consider before choosing the best pet fence for your pet. Let me make it clear to you. Suppose you have a large area and you have some or a pet. You want your pet to play or go anywhere they want inside your area and do not go outside your area. In that case, you cannot use any wireless fence or wood fence because it might not work or it will be expensive. So you have to choose electric wire fence that can cover the large area. On the other hand, if you want to limit your pet’s area and want to make it small then you can go for wire, wireless or wood fence. Again, if you want to keep your pet inside your home then wireless or wire fence will not work. For that, you have to go for the wood fence.

Additionally, if you have pool or pond or trash or brush that you desire your pet will not approach then you should go for wire fence. It is highly customizable so that you create your own area in the way you want. On contrary, if you want your pet to swim then you should go for a waterproof collar that will not be damaged in water. Additionally, if you travel often and want to take your pet with you then you should buy a portable fence. I hope you have decided that what types of the fence you need.

Benefits Of Buying Best Pet Fence

Maybe you are not sure about the benefits of using pet fence. Not a big deal. Let me tell you some advantages of buying best pet fence.


You know if your pets go outside your area they could be damaged or face accident. You will not want that for sure since you love your pet. Also, it is possible as well that some dangerous animals come to your area and cause some serious harm to your pet. In order to protect your pet from being attacked or get damaged, pet fence works perfectly. Pet fence keep your pet inside and at the same time some fence keep the outsider animal outside.

In addition, if you have a pool or pond or trash that you want your pet not to approach since it can cause any harm to your beloved pet, then you can use the fence and make a protection that will keep the pet away from the pond, pool or trash.

Other than that, your pet might get stolen when you are not at home. To save themselves from the thief you can either use a fence or can take your pet with you by the shelter. It will protect your pet from being stolen.


Everyone likes a trained pet. Think about it. Your dog is playing with a ball with you or your children. Or your dog is doing the handshake with you or others. If you want to train your dog you will need a fence for sure. With the fence, you can train the pet where he should go and where he should not go and many other things.

Play And Exercise

I know you want to see your dog playing in your yard. But they do not know the boundary. So it quite possible that he run away or go for something outside your yard. I also know that you do not want it right? Pet fence helps to create a boundary for the pet where they can play or exercise freely. And you know how much exercise is necessary for your pet.


Some pets have a habit of making louder noise that disturbs your neighbors a lot and you don’t want it as well. There has some electric fence collar, with that, you can control the barking.

And there are some more benefits of buying the best pet fence such as it delivers privacy for the family person, provides a secure playground for your children, keep your garden safe from the pets, gives the freedom to the pet and many others. If I want, I can write 2000 words describing the benefits of buying the best pet fence. I am sure you will get my point why should you buy a pet fence right?

FAQ About Pet Fence

Now let’s check out some frequently asked question. Maybe you have some questions too. And I think and believe that you will get your answer in this section.

Does the correction of electric fence hurt the pets?

Well, it hurts sometimes you know. Since most of the fences have correction level, you can select a low shock that will not hurt your pet. But if your pet is sturdy then you have to upgrade the level of shock and provide a stronger shock to your pet. It will hurt your pet little bit for sure.

How long does it take to train my pet?

Well, it depends actually. It depends on the pet type, pet size, pet’s learning capabilities and many other things. But it should not take more than 1 month to train your pet.

 Can pet fence be used for multiple pets?

Most of the time, yes. But in some rare cases, you cannot use it for multiple pets.

Can I take the fence with me if I move?

Actually, you can take some portable fence for sure. But you cannot take all types of fences with you when you move.

How much do I need to install the fence?

Actually, it depends as well. If you buy a large wire fence then it will take time. and if you take a gate then it needs no time to be installed.


Your pet should be safe. And I know you always try to keep your pet safe. And there are no alternatives to set up a fence to protect your pet from getting harm, damages or being stolen.

The best dog fence will not only help you save and protect your pet but also teach you some manner and behavior. And you know, there is no difference between a forest animal and pets if the pets are not trained.

So I believe you love your pet so much and want to protect and train your pet. Take the decision quickly. Choose any of the best pet fences from the list. Do not waste your time thinking more and more. You know smart people take the right decision in right time. It is your time buddy.

Jose Crowell

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