Best Vinyl Fence

Hey buddy, since you are reading this article, I am sure you are searching for the best vinyl fence for your home or other project or maybe you are here because you want to know about vinyl fence right?

Well, vinyl fence is a kind of plastic fence that is not made with any common plastic but it is made with PVC that means polyvinyl chloride. This PVC resin is mixed with some special components that make the vinyl fence even more durable than any other wood fence.

Nowadays, vinyl fence is getting popular day by day for its low-maintenance option for installing and, also for its availability in a variety of styles and colors. The fence is so durable that some manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. It is five times more tensile strength as well as four times flexible than wood.

Vinyl fence is a very easy-care alternative to any other fence's materials. The vinyl fence never rots, splits, warps, or blisters like a common wood fence, or chips, peels, rusts, or corrodes like the aluminum. The vinyl won't need staining, sanding or painting. The surface dirt, as well as debris, washes away very easily with a simple periodic spraying from your garden hose.

Hope, you have got a clear idea about the vinyl fence. But, when you go to buy the best vinyl fence, you will face problem to find the best one. Why? The reason is, with the increase of its popularity, the market is flooded now with various types of vinyl fences. Among those huge collections, finding the best vinyl fence for your project is a little bit difficult especially if you are a new person in this field. But don’t worry! I am here to help you. Below, I am writing some characteristics of a good, durable vinyl fence and some tips to find out the best one that you should consider while buying a vinyl fence.

Avoid Large Store

Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other hardware stores stock vinyl conveniently. Though their stocked vinyl fences are well advertised and affordable, those are lack of quality. Their theory is simple. You will get what you pay for. So in order to get the best one with high quality, you should not go to the large store rather you should go elsewhere.

Check Ingredients

In order to get the best quality fence, you need to get a professional grade fence. To ensure that, search for the vinyl fence that is made with virgin PVC. Maybe you are thinking that the vinyl made with virgin PVC is costly than the vinyl made from recycling, but trust me, recycling items do not provide good quality. If you want a strong, weather resistance, and beautifully designed fence and also want that your fence will remain durable for years to come then you should go for the professional grade fence. I am sure you are a smart guy and you will not be fooled by cheaper and recycle items.


This is another important factor while choosing the best vinyl fence. Most of the people go for the white fence though; you can select whatever color you want. Just make sure you are taking the one that will not fade or yellow. Also, check the materials that are UV rays resistance, UV rays will discolor your fence if it is made from the materials that cannot resist UV rays.


While choosing the vinyl fence, make sure you are buying this from a reputable dealer or brand. The reason is when you buy from a reputable dealer or brand, the chance is very low that it will go wrong. But even if it goes wrong anyway, you can replace it or fix it from the dealer and reputable brand or dealer will replace or fix it for you with pleasure. One thing you need to remember that the vinyl fence is a long-lasting product. So check the warranty. Many companies offer limited or lifetime warranty. This is not only a warranty but also a satisfaction of mind. You can be assured that the product is going to last long. Also, check the review of the fence.


Try to manage a sample and inspect the strength of the fence. Does it easily bend? Does it seem weak? Check the bottom rails. Is it reinforced along with steel or any other kinds of materials? Look for the gates with steel and steel hardware or other aluminum frames. Remember, you should pick the one that has the highest strength.


Why is size important? Because you can identify the cheaper fence easily by checking the size of components as well as wall thickness. Sometimes, the manufacturers lower the production cost by making small and thin fences. It will not just lower the quality but also it lowers the durability of the fences. So carefully check the size and thickness.


This one is also important since it will determine the beauty of your ground side. Choose whatever design you like most and whatever design suits most of your ground. The vinyl fence offers various designs, what you need to do is choose. But while choosing the best design; be careful about other factors as well.


Price is always important. But there are two problems. Number 1 is, an expensive product does not mean quality and number 2 is our old maxim, you will get what you pay for. That means you should not go for cheap one. And also you should not go for the expensive one without checking quality. Remember, quality is always first. You know, people tend to save their money always, but for the quality, you should sacrifice a little bit.

These are the main things you should check and consider while you are searching for the best vinyl fence. But checking every step is somehow difficult for everyone, we know that. As a consequence, I pick up some best vinyl fences that mostly meet the above requirements. So let’s have a look at these fences. I hope you will get your one from these five.

Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence Kit

Are you searching for a vinyl fence that can be easily installed, re-installed and at the same time removed easily when necessary? Then I will say, I have the perfect one for you. Manchester Vinyl Fence. This is the perfect vinyl fence for you if you want to keep children and small pets.

Also, it needs little and sometimes no digging to install. What you need to do is simply inlay the added pointed stakes into your ground or if your ground is a little bit harder then try a cordless drill or tiny auger bit. So you can easily imagine how easy it is to install. And you will get a manual to make the installation more clearly to you.

When it comes to the strength, the Manchester Vinyl Fence is tremendous. It offers you 10 years warranty. This will not rot, deteriorate, or rust from the elements. What that means; it ensures the quality and strength of the fence and at the same time relieves you from the tension.

Maximum time, when you buy some high-quality product, you always concern about the beauty. This fence enhances the beauty of your yard. The timeless picket design, as well as classic look, will make your yard more attractive.

You surely want to spend more time with your family. But if you have to spend a lot of time in maintaining the fences the how can you spend time with your family? What I am trying to say, if your fence becomes dirty regularly then you have to spend much time to keep it clean. Manchester Vinyl Fence is made with the vinyl that is weather resistance. A simple garden hose spray is enough to keep this vinyl fence clean. Isn’t it awesome? In addition, it needs no painting or staining. It itself looks beautiful.

So if you need a fence for your children or want a fence for your semi-permanent residential or a fence for your small pets then this one would be a perfect one for sure.

The good about the fence

  • Weather resistance.
  • Easy to use, install, re-install, maintain, and remove.
  • No need for staining or painting.
  • check
    Perfect for small pets.
  • check
    Classic look.
  • check
    Can increase the length with additional fence.
  • check
    10-year warranty.
  • check
    Has gate option

The things need to improve

  • Not suitable for large animal, especially for the large dog.
  • Require assembling.

WamBam Traditional 4 by 7-Feet Premium Classic Vinyl Picket Fence with Post and Cap

When you are searching for the best quality then I think no fence can compete with this WamBam fence. The strong WamBam fence is made with extraordinary weather-resistant vinyl. That means that you do not have to worry about its strength.  This will not warp, rot, yellow, degrade, or splinter in the sun. So the fence is assured that it will stand the trial of time.

In addition, as previously mentioned, we need to choose professional grade vinyl to get the best vinyl fence. This WamBam traditional fence is made from virgin vinyl that ensures the highest quality and strength. This fence is mono-extruded along with stronger UV inhibitors as well as more vinyl per every inch than you will find at any of your local large box stores. In easy terms, it means that this vinyl is stronger as well as it will last longer. The bottom rails of this fence are reinforced along with inwardly ribbed vinyl that prevents sagging.

Now come to the use and maintain part. The fence is very easy to use, I mean easy to install. And when it comes to maintaining, just forget about it. When you use a wood fence, you need to stain, paint, and seal it, you need to repair it, and you need to replace it. But with this WamBam traditional fence, you do not need to do any of these. Just when it looks a little bit dirty for dust, use garden hose spray only. Only this spray is more than enough to look the fence new always.

What I like most about the fence is its warranty. It offers a lifetime warranty. Can you imagine? How strong and durable the fence is! Very few companies are out there who have this much confidence in their product. WamBam traditional fence is one of those very few companies.

One more thing, the fence is so durable does not mean it looks less aesthetic than any other fences. Its gorgeous white color makes your dream true. So what I can say to you is that if you are looking for the best vinyl fence that is durable, strong, and beautiful then you should not think anymore and go for this one.

The good things about WamBam traditional fence

  • Durable, strong and high quality.
  • Made from virgin vinyl.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • check
    Beautiful design or color.
  • check
    Easy to assemble.
  • check
    A better alternative to the wood fence.
  • check
    No need to stain or paint.
  • check
    UV resistance.

The things need to improve

  • No pre-drill holes to screw.

New England Arbors

The best way to add something special to your arbor and welcoming your friends and relatives who come to your house is New England Arbors 48.5"W Vinyl Cottage Picket Gate. How? Actually, it sets a traditional style of New England with its amazing quality and looks. And also you can make your neighbors amazed at this gate.

Let’s talk about the brand. I have already mentioned that always go for a reputable brand. And I have explained why as well. The New England Arbors is the world's leading production company of the premium vinyl arbor decors; The Company was founded in a simple granary in the late of1990's. The founders, there, began replicating the amazing beauty of the New England design along with low-maintenance and simple vinyl materials. The company business has been growing since then, and now supplying trellises and arbors all over the USA and beyond. So you can easily imagine how good the quality of its product can be?

Not only its amazing look but also it is constructed of white, crisp vinyl which is weather resistance as well as maintenance free. Think about it. You have an outdoor accessory that never needs any kind of maintenance. You do not need to stain it, color it, sand it, or seal it. Just set up the gate and forget about the maintenance.

The good thing is, the gate comes with a manual. Though it is easy to set up the gate manual makes the set up easier. Moreover, you can fit it with many New England accessories such as Fairfield, Fairfield Deluxe, Nantucket Legacy, Nantucket Deluxe, Westchester, and Newport harbor. In addition, you are getting 20 years of warranty. So why are you waiting for? If you want to impress your relatives or friends or neighbor the just pick up New England Arbors 48.5"W Vinyl Cottage Picket Gate.

The good

  • Good quality.
  • Reputable brand.
  • Easy to install.
  • check
    Virtually maintenance free.
  • check
    Good look.
  • check
  • check
    20 years warranty.

The bad

  • Need to assemble by yourself.
  • Expensive.

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 No-Dig Vinyl Picket Unassembled Garden Fence

Well well well!

We are back with Zippity Outdoor Products once again. Actually, the brand produces such good vinyl fences that we have to pick another one from the same brand.

Like the previous one of this brand on our list, this one is suitable for semi-permanent residential use.  If you have children or small pets then you can pick this one without hesitating. It features pickets of swooped style that offers a decorative look in order to add an aesthetic appeal to your yard or garden

This fence is made with weather resistance strong vinyl. That means it won’t crack, rot, yellow, warp, or splinter. And the good thing is it requires no painting, sealing, staining or maintaining! And also it offers 10 years warranty. So be sure about its quality.

One disadvantage I want to mention so that you can be sure that I am not only featuring good things. The fence is not compatible with gate since it is for small children and pets. Rest of thing I find good. The fence is very simple to install. You need no digging if your ground is soft and need a little bit digging if it is hard.

If you are still confused about buying the product then you can check the feedback where you will find the original review. Most of the users are happy with the fence. And if you are smart enough and need a fence for small pets or children, I am sure you will go for this one of the best vinyl fences of the market right now.

The good

  • Maintenance free.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Good look and good quality.
  • check
  • check
    Easy to assemble.

The bad

  • Only 10 years warranty.
  • Not suitable for larger pets.
  • No gates are available.

PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

This one is different from our list. Basically, this one is a kind of window for the fence for a dog or other pets. You know, a dog is a curious animal and they always try to satisfy their curiosity. But if you keep them inside the fence how can they satisfy their curiosity? Won’t this be the reason for anxiety and depression of your dog?

Well, to solve this problem, PetPeek brings a fence window for the pet. It allows your pet to see the world through the window and satisfy their curiosity. The window is clean as well as durable. And the good thing is, you can easily install it to your fence.

The best thing about it and the thing I like most is that if any scratches appear in the window, you can easily eliminate by using non-fluoride white or gray toothpaste to remove the scratches from the window with a soft cloth. And also, the cleaning of the window is as simple as a vinyl weather resistance fence; just spray your garden hose when necessary.

So if you need anything like this, then you should not wait and you should take this one right now if you love your pet. This window can be used in wood fencing, wood and drywall, and vinyl fencing and you can use it for the playhouses, tree houses, and kennels of the children.

The good thing about the window

  • Easy to install.
  • Also suitable for children and other pets.
  • Enhance the beauty of the fence.
  • check
    Easy cleaning.

The things need to improve

  • No warranty.

These are the top pic-up vinyl fences for you that you can choose for.

The Benefit Of Buying The Best Vinyl Fence

Are you not convinced? Well, let me tell you advantages of buying the vinyl fences.


When it comes to durability, no other fences can compete with vinyl fence. The vinyl fence is four times more flexible than wood and also five times more durable than wood. Vinyl is design in such a way that it lasts lifetime. Vinyl won't fade, chip, rust, rot, discolor, or infest with termites, as most wood fences generally do. And also it has UV protection that protects your fence from dangerous sunlight.

Low Maintenance

The best thing about the best vinyl fence is that there is no maintenance cost. When you use wood fence you have to repair it, paint it, stain it, seal it or replace it in every couple of year. It kills your valuable time. On the other hand, vinyl fence is virtually maintenance free. You do not need to paint it, repair it, seal it or stain it. What you need to is set up the fence and forget about it. When you see there is a little bit dirty in your fence just pick up your garden hose and simple spray it. That is enough to clean your fence and make it new once again.


Unlike other fences, vinyl fence is very much environment-friendly. The green building council of USA found that vinyl fence is more environment-friendly compare to other fences. In addition, the fence is recyclable. Not only that, vinyl fence is free from paint, lead, formaldehyde & VOCs and it is made from non-toxic components. So there is little chance for any kind of harmful toxic emission.

Great Value

Though, it seems a little bit costly when you first buy a vinyl fence but just think about it. If you buy a wood fence you need to paint or stain it to bring an aesthetic appeal. After one or two years it will fade away and you need to re-paint it. And you know, the high and harsh temperature can cause some serious damages to your wooden fence. So you need to repair it every year. In addition, wooden fence never lasts long. So you need to replace it within 5-10 years. That means overall, you need a lot of money. On contrary, as previously mentioned vinyl fence does not need any of those and the best vinyl fence lasts forever. So definitely, vinyl fence offers greater value than other fences.

A Wide Variety Of Color And Design

The vinyl fence offers Variety of colors and designs. Though white color is most popular you can choose whatever color you need and whatever design best suit to your yard. It is a great option. And also, if you want, you can paint it and make the color as you wish.

Fade Protection And Consistency Color

Painted or stained wooden fence will easily chip and peel. And also, it fades away very quickly. But the vinyl fence rules here. Vinyl fence is weather resistance and does not fade away. And the color lasts as long as the fence lasts.

Lifetime Warranty 

Where other fences last highest 5-10 years this vinyl fence lasts long. And some company offers a lifetime warranty for the vinyl fence. So if you choose vinyl fence you will get a guaranty that you will not have to spend any money further for your fence.

These are the main benefits of buying the vinyl fence. The vinyl fence is getting so much popularity because it offers so many benefits relative to other fences. Smart and cunning people are shifting to the vinyl fence from wooden fences. And I know you are a smart person since you are here to searching the best vinyl fence.

FAQ About Vinyl Fence

Does vinyl fence break?

In general, it does not break. But with the enormous direct impact, it can break, such as horses, automobiles or large stone thrown by a mower.

Does the vinyl fence become fragile in winter?

Like other PVC materials, vinyl fence becomes less flexible in winter than another season. But don’t worry. Without any heavy impact, it will not break. And with proper installation, a quality vinyl fence won’t crack or break in winter.

How to clean the fence?

Very simple. Just take your garden hose and spray it. You are done. And good thing is, most of the time, depending on the place and use; you need to clean it once in a year.

How much is the cost of vinyl fence relative to the wooden fence?

Well, actually the cost is same. But if you add all the cost of wooden fences such as the cost of buying a wooden fence, cost of installation, cost of painting or stain and others.

Does vinyl burn?

It has a good flashpoint of around 900 degrees and does not burn easily.

How strong is the vinyl fence?

Vinyl fence is strong enough for common use, however, with the heavy impact it can break.

How long vinyl fence lasts?

In most cases, it lasts almost 2-3 decades easily.

Does vinyl fence fade?

With time, though, it loses its sheen a little bit, but it does not fade.

Can I paint the vinyl fence?

Yes, you can. You can add any color to it.

Does it turn yellow?

As long as you keep it clean it won’t turn into yellow.

Final verdict

Vinyl fence is a fine alternative to other fences. The best vinyl fence won’t rot, warp, blister or split like the wood fence, and won't rust, peel, chip or corrode like the aluminum fences. And also, it does not need any staining or painting.

And most importantly, this fence is environment-friendly and perfect for pet owner and family. It has low maintenance cost and at the same time, it is safer than the wood fence that uses toxic chemicals. In addition, the best thing is it is durable, strong and has some amazing design that enhances the beauty of your yard.

Jose Crowell

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