How To Read Dog Body Language

Have you ever tried to understand what your dog try to say? Have you even ever feel curious about it? Since dogs are non-verbal, knowing the body language is the only way to understand your dog. And understanding your dog is very important if you love your dog.

If you can understand the body language, you can understand what your dog is trying to say and this will help you understand many situations. For example, if you can understand that your dog is afraid, you can easily find out the reason.

That is why I am here to help you understand the body language of the dog. In this article, it is not possible to completely make you understand the body language of the dog, however, I will try to explain some of the basic body languages. Here we go.

When a dog is confident, he stands straight and his head will be held high. Also, his ears will be poked up along with the bright eyes. The tail may curl loosely, sway gently or hang in a relaxed condition. In this situation, you can assume that the dog is non-threatening, friendly and ease with his surroundings.

Happy dog

A happy dog contains almost the same signs of a confident dog. It stands straight with bright eyes and poked ears. However, the dog might be a little bit pant and the tail might be a little bit wag. In this condition, the dog is friendlier and have no signs of anxiety or fear.

Playful dog

A playful dog is joyful as well as happy. The ears will be brighter and the ears will be up. And the tail might be wag more rapidly. The dog might run or jump around you. If you are a new dog owner, you might be frightened. But this is not a bad sign, it is a friendly sign.in this condition, the dog might invite you to play by showing a playing bow. The front legs are stretched forward, rear end up and the head is straight ahead. That is the sign of an invitation.

Excited dog

An excited dog will have a mixed sign of a playful dog and a happy dog. The dog will run and jump around you, it might whine with pant, the tongue might come out and the eyes might be wide. Sometimes, the dog might be so excited that they can jump over you or bark excessively. I have this experience. When I come back home, my dog becomes so excited that he jumps over me.

An excited dog is not a good thing all the time. It can be dangerous somehow. When it will jump over you, you might get hurt. Also, excessive excitement can bring stress and anxiety to your dog. So calm your dog down as soon as possible.

Anxious dog

If a dog is anxious, his ears will be partial hold back and his head will be lowered. And sometimes, they stretch their neck out.  He might have a furrowed brow. An anxious dog will stand with a tucked tail along with the anxious poster. You might see whiten eyes, you might see the dog is licking his lips or yawning. An anxious dog is not good for anyone. He might be aggressive in this situation. so try to carefully handle it.

Fearful dog

How can you understand a dog is fearful or not. A fearful dog shows almost the same signs as the anxious dog, but it shows more extreme signs. The dog will stand lower and the ears will be flat back. The eyes will narrow as well as averted.

The tail might be tucked between the two back legs. And the body of your dog might trembles. This dog might be dangerous to people. It can be aggressive and can do anything to defend itself.

Aggressive dog

And the last part is an aggressive dog. It shows the signs of an anxiety dog and fearful dog. An aggressive dog might plant his feet on the ground, the eras will be pinned back, and the head will straight ahead. The eyes will be narrow but piercing. The tail might be straight up, straight, or wagged. The hair of your dog might be stand. Be careful from these dogs.

Wrapping words

These are the basic body language of a dog. Now it is your duty to follow these body languages of a dog and examine of these are true or not. if you find these body languages helpful, thanks to me later. But now your task will be observing the body language of a dog. When you can understand the body language of a dog, you can save yourself from many unwanted situations. at the same time, if it is your dog, then you can help the dog in many ways.

Jose Crowell

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