How To Walk A Dog Properly: 6 Tips

When we go outside with our dogs, we need to walk our dogs properly. If the dog cannot walk properly or cannot walk alongside you then it will be really a problem for you to do other stuff but handling the dog. And when it happens, you cannot enjoy the walk along with the dog.

That is why it is important for you to teach the dog how to talk to you. How will you do it? I am here to help you. In this article, I am going to tell you some tips on how to teach your dog to walk properly. Here we go.

Dog believes in the pack. And they always have a leader. That is why if you can be the pack leader, they will follow you. So how you will be pack leader when walking? Just walk in front of them. When you will walk in front of them, they will take you as the pack leader and you will lead them wherever you want to go. On the other hand, if your dog walks in front of you, he will think himself the pack leader and he will never follow you for sure.

Use short leash

Try to use a short leash instead of a long leash. And never ever go for a walk with your dog without a leash. Because by any chance if your dog gets detracted or get afraid of anything, he will run away and it will be really difficult for him to catch him.

And short leash will help you have more control over the dog. This will help you to communicate, correct, and guide your dog. But if you use a long leash instead of a short leash, it will be really tough for you to control your dog, guide him or correct him. So take it seriously.

 Give enough time

You should not expect that your dog will learn proper walking in one day or very quickly. They are a fast learner, that’s for sure. But that does not mean that they will learn it in one day or one week. You have to give enough time and you have to give him time regularly. It is not like you go to walk with your dog once in a week and walk for 5 hours. Rather, walk every day for 30 minutes. That will help more.

I am saying this because of a lot of people out there who do not give enough time to the dog and expect that they will learn walking properly. But that is not going to happen for sure.

Reward the dog during the walk

When walking, if your dog follows you properly, reward him. And this reward is not food, remember that. This reward can be a little break or releasing him for a few minutes to sniff around. This will allow your dog to fulfill his curiosity about the surrounding and also this break will remove the monotony of the walk. It is very important. If you do not give him a little break or if you cannot allow you sniffing around, he cannot focus on walking and as a result, he will not learn what you are teaching.

Besides, if you reward him with food, he will always walk for food and when he will learn walking, he will walk for food only.

Keep leading after the walk

When you are done with walking, you might think your job is done. But let me tell you something. As I said earlier that you have to be the leader of the pack. To be so, you have to lead him after the walk as well. If you do so, your dog will learn to follow your order. This is important.

Reward the dog after the walk

And finally, reward your dog after the walk. When you come back home after the walking, reward your dog with food. In this time you need to reward him with food because if you do so, your dog will understand he is getting this food as a result of the walking and following your order. And when he will realize that, he will walk with you properly with more enthusiasm.

Final thoughts

These are the ways as well as tips you can follow if you want to teach your dog how to walk properly along with you. If you follow these tips, you will not only teach the dog proper walking but also you will teach him how to follow the order of the pack leader.

So follow these rules and if these tips do not work for you, you should consult a vet if there is a problem with your dog. Sometimes, these tips do not work because of the problem of the dogs.

Jose Crowell

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